TINAG Festival
opening october 21
LONDON October 22 / 24 2010

Ellas, flilipinas
Documentary 01:02:00

The project female open space invaders,

and the documentary Ellas filipinas

Consists of photographs, videos and a one-hour documentary entitled "Ellas Filipinas," that record and recreate the spaces created by this crowd of domestic helpers through multiple interviews with their testimonies, made in Hong Kong to them and to their families in the Philippines. read more...

-Will be shown at the TINAG Festival in London, Hanbury Hall October 22-24 2010

-The 1 hour documentary will be screening at the TINAG Festival, Friday October 22

-Was first shown in her solo show in Madrid at the Galeria Evelyn Botella,

  Photoespaña Festival June/July 2010

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Project Filipino women HONG KONG / MANILA


TINAG Festival
Female open space invaders 2010


Ellas filipinas 2010


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