BUBLE ART 1992-93

In 1992, She was invited by Canon, to investigate with the new Bubble machine the BJ-A1. The first large format copier. This new machine, reproduce the image with ink instead of coated paper or toner. The results of this research were a plataphorm to interconnect all the techniques, all the imply options that the copiers bring us, to apply the development of these new technological territories to her creativity world.

With this new technique she generates a new series based on the only image of a black woman founded in a newspaper in Chicago in the 70s.
With this long series " La Negrona" she presents a one person show at the Galleria Aele in Madrid in January 1993, under the title "Glances in Time" and a 40 pages catalogue with texts by Sonia Sheridan and Francisco Jarauta.

The exhibition and the catalogue have four sections as four are de parts in a women life.
Glances in Time: Desires/ Identitity vertigos / territories/ silences
It is a personal narration based on the dialogue between the real me and the ideal me, through mutiple glances at the image of a woman alone, the glances in time.
In this symbolic reading, the body speaks in emotional and mental multiplicity. In its vision, the images refer to an interactive relation with the "voyeur" responding to a spectator´s request for the secret implications of the glance, the memory, the muind, the body, the desire.

This work were shown also in Barcelona in 1994 at the Galeria Caligrama and at the L´Angelot space and in 1995, at the contemporary art fair ARCO in Madrid.
The " negrona" image is the main character in the artist's book under the title "you will be as god" edited by Tabelaria Editions in 1997, with a text by Enriqueta Antolin. This book is in very important collections such as the MACBA Museum, the CGAC Museum etc…

Además se expuso en Barcelona en la Galería Caligrama y en el espacio L´Angelot 1994, asi como en ARCO 2004.
Esta imagen de la Negrona es la protagonista del libro de artista editado por Ediciones Tabelaria con texto de Enriqueta Antolín titulado "Seréis como dioses", Dicho libro está en importantes pinacotecas como la de la colección de arte del MACBA, CGAC etc…