CHICAGO .....1971-75

In Chicago, when she was a student at the Art Institute, she started her photographic career, and made multiple series in her new habitat. Some of them were used as icons for her Generative Systems research.
In down town Chicago at rush hour, she made a lot of series from the anonymous, despersonalitation, overcrowding, and lost of identity.
In 1972, the movement against the Vietnam War was very active. She attended to demonstrations and performances from the student's movement.

At the black suburb in Chicago 1972/73
At that time, she entered into the flee market in the depress black neighborhood, and with her camera, she registered their people, their habits, and their abandoned way off living. In an alley she founded a broken doll, and with it, she made the "violation" series.

The image of the woman as a desire objet in the publicity, was also one of her themes, and later, she founded the image of a black beautiful woman in a newspaper and she used it as an icon of beauty. In 1992, she recovered her iconography and with the image of that anonymous woman, she created the new serie "Glances in time".