Clonics / CLON'S FACTORY .....1993-97

Clone's factory serialized 10 photographies, 0,55 x 0,80 cm each one.
The heads, arms, and feet, are building bodies.
External space: disposition of the images: form a vertical modular panel of
5 horizontals diptychs
1 head's diptych 0.55 x 160 cm
2 feet's diptychs 110 x 160 cm.

Technical description:
Title: Clone ´s factory 1996
Technique: photographs in photocopy Bble jet Art A1 ( injection impression) on wood FC3, they have ultraviolet protection.
Size: 10 units of 0,55 x 0,80 each one.
Total 270 x 160 meters.

Shown at the Aele Gallery and at Lima Peru 1996-97