The FACTORY .....2000-01

FUNDACIÓN TELEFÓNICA Madrid june/july 2000


The factory is a work about the destruction of the industrial arquitecture in the XX century. The exhibition content is about the emptiness and demolition of the complex buildings and the machinery, documents of a factory. It represents the industrial memory of the last century. The exhibition has digital photography, video installations, CD-ROM and an interactive net Art.

Digitalized and altered photographs (hyper-photographs), digital video and a variety of installations comprise this collection, organized by the specialist Menene Gras. This collection combines two things: one, the expressive discovery generated by the expert, yet daring use of the new media, and two, a careful, close-up view of a historical reality full of resonance on the economy, society and power in contemporary Spain. The exhibit reproduces the vacating and demolition of a real factory, resulting in a trip to our recent past, through our collective memory.


Is a space that concludes the circuit of the exhibit. A video-installation, it is structured around the projection of three videos onto connected screens or walls. Sound and Ima
ge are perfectly synchronized. The theme comes from the artist's own record of the actual demolition of the factory. The intent is to represent the spectacle of its fall.

The space titled LIGHTS one finds an installation with lights and24 lamps from the factory. These project writing in light onto the floor. In the dark, on the far wall of the exhibit room one can see images of national family identification booklets left open, with the information on the factory workers. This is the dramatic conceptual representation of the mechanisms of power.

Is a removable piece, made from the inside of the factory. Inside it are remnants of the repair shops, layouts and various documents. The area is presided over by an actual clock rescued from the disaster area, marking time. The circular nature of the silo is identical to the clock of industrial time that denies individual time.

architectural themes:
the outside of the factory, the inside of the building, artifacts and machinery.
165 X 125 cms
400 X 70 cms
200X 70 cms

Water covers 0,70 x 200 mts

Artefacts and machinery 165 x 135 mts