PUNISHED NATURE... june 2006

"Punished nature" is her one-person show in Madrid at the PHOTOESPAÑA 06 in the Galleria AELE Evelyn Botella, June / July.
14 large format photographs were shown and a digital video "Pulsations".

We rely on Nature but our indiscriminate development invades and punish. We are worried about the survival of the planet , but we do not renounce to our quality of life.
The civilization grows destroying the natural environment.
This work is a fragment of a big project about Lemoniz Nuclear Plant,
This industrial macro-complex, on the Bay of Biscay's seaside, vertebrates, overlooks and delimits the extraordinary nature surrounding it, offering a sad and dissonant view amidst a superb environment dominated by the sea, the beaches, the mountains, the green environment and the cliffs. This landscape has been invaded, controlled, and destroyed by men.
M.G. had the privilege of getting access, during 2 years, to the forbidden place of the plant and to register the fall of the plant with a big amount of material, photos, videos in order to make the project as a work in progress in different stages. In her work it is clear her concern about industrial arqueology, memory and oblivion, arquitecture, urbanism, and its cultural, social, political and ecological consequences.
This exhibition is a personal point of view about the controversial debate ,all over the world ,in favor or against nuclear energy.