This generic title cover different projects from the eighties as the series " Presences"
And "musical scores" as graphic traces, signs and symbols. The series "Presences" started at the end of the seventies until the middle of eighties. These works covered a wide spectrum between founded materials at the containers manipulated on the machines or by a manual drawing process. These compositions were ensemble in different supports, and generated sequences together.

In the 80´s the artist working with conceptual art, or working with technologies, were consign to oblivion by the painting. Influenced by this tendency, she recover her traditional training in painting, and with her photocopies imaginary, she build new series where the concept, the shape and the color gets integrated in compositions on modular panels painted with acrylics and with photocopies sequential images, to represent the new picture integrated in a whole color image ensemble. This mixed technique, were developed in her musical series also.
The composition of these paintings is a dialogue between one image or a series, between the sequential rhythm and static movement.


Musical Scores