DESVIATIONS ...1997-2003

This project is an exploration-denounce about the fruits genetic manipulations, as a metaphore of the real body. During several years she explores how the alterations and the time affects to the deformities and malformations in different fruits.
In its view, acts the manipulation and registration in three mestizage modes, ensemble or overexpose or maybe because a collations's fails.

1- Cellular half-breed: biogenetic manipulation
2- Hybrid half-breed: genetic chaos
3- Multimedia work

/ Lemmons

Digital photographs on canvas and 500 Kg of lemons on the floor.
Shown in Madrid at the Aele Gallery Evelyn Botella in photoespaña 1998 and at the Urania Gallery in Barcelona 1998.
Centro Cultural Montehermoso de Vitoria and Centro Municipal de Las Artes de Alcorcón de Madrid, 1999.

/ Strawberries

The lemons series started in 1997, shown in Madrid at the Galeria Aele in Photoespaña98, were expanded with the new deformed strawberries series that became strong sexual allegories.
This work were made with analogic and digital photography, enlarged with digital Lambda Infinity and presented in a modular panel with 15 units, each 0,70 x 100.
Shown the first time in Arco Contemporary Art Fair with the CD-ROM Desviations in 2000.
- Exhibited at Elisaba Center de Barcelona, 2000.
- Con-mutaciones Zaragoza, 2001.
- Centro Municipal de las Artes de Alcorcón, Madrid, 2002.
- "Naturaleza muerta en el tiempo", Palacio de las Cigüeñas, Cáceres, 2005.

/ Other fruits

The inventory of different fruits is expanded, and its relationship between art and nature and between art and technique has to be though of all over again from a perspective different from the one we are used to. With a mirror, and its own reflection gives a new organic form.

/ Onions

Again an organic element, a deformed onion, gives her the opportunity to create this very dramatic serie about women's violence, about the ill-treated woman.
- Exhibited at ARCO 2003
- Centro Municipal de Artes de Alcorcón (Madrid) 2003
- Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Esteban Vicente (Segovia) 2005