TRANSGENICS .....1997-2003

This project is an exploration-denounce about the fruits genetic manipulations, as a metaphore of the real body. During several years she explores how the alterations and the time affects to the deformities and malformations in different fruits.
In its view, acts the manipulation and registration in three mestizage modes, ensemble or overexpose or maybe because a collations's fails.


CDRom Desviations

  Desviations-transgenics 1996.2002 is the title of the bilingual 80 pages color catalogue with texts by Carlos Jiménez "Te fruitfull game of allegories"; Menene Gras Balaguer "Metamorphosis of truth"; and Carmen Holgueras "Beloved look". The catalogue was edited in 2002 by the Ayuntamiento de Alcorcón, Madrid, for the exhibition that compile all the fruit series.